Teams to discuss ‘fuel burn’ axe at Monza

Wed, 5 September 2007, 07:09

Key formula one figures are scheduled to meet ahead of the Italian grand prix at Monza this week with the aim of tweaking the qualifying format for 2008.

The current so-called ‘knockout’ system has been generally embraced since it debuted last season.

But, in conjunction with the parallel parc ferme regulations which require cars to qualify with initial race-levels of fuel in the final Q3 session, it sparked an unwelcome phenomenon known as the ‘fuel burn’.

These opening laps of the top-ten runout are not only tedious, but – given their objective for the drivers of simply burning fuel and earning ‘credits’ to add more fuel before the race – also controversial in a political sense.

“I think we’ve got to find a way of getting rid of the fuel burning laps, which is just a completely strange thing to do given we’re all becoming eco-friendly,” Renault technical director Bob Bell, who otherwise praised the knockout format, said in the team’s pre-Monza official podcast this week.

Engineering director Pat Symonds is a wholehearted supporter of the current qualifying format, but he admitted that the fuel burning “is not good”.

He added: “Interestingly we’re talking about that tomorrow with a view to getting rid of it for 2008.”

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