Teams to present F1 cars to media on Fridays

Wed, 3 November 2021, 08:00

Nov.3 (GMM) Formula 1 has revealed a plan to ramp up interest for fans – with the key involvement of the sport’s print media.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, key top engineers at the F1 teams will need to reveal their cars’ latest technical upgrades on the Friday of grand prix weekends.

“We are planning a big presentation for the press, where the journalists can take a close look at the cars and talk to the engineers,” said F1 managing director Ross Brawn.

The measure will accompany a new measure in the 2022 rules, where teams will also need to tell the FIA on Fridays which new parts will run on their cars in qualifying and Sunday’s race.

From next year, to tighten up the weekend format, scrutineering will take place on Friday morning instead of Thursday afternoons.

The public will then be let in on the key details, Brawn said.

“We want the fans to get a deeper insight,” he said. “This will increase the overall interest in Formula 1, because the technical side is fascinating to so many fans.”

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