Title for Schu ‘difficult’ – Todt

Mon, 12 June 2006, 12:48

Ferrari boss Jean Todt has denied that opting against sending the test team to Silverstone prior to the British grand prix numbed Michael Schumacher’s chance of victory.

Schumacher’s failure to beat Fernando Alonso on Sunday means that, even if the German wins the remaining ten races of 2006, Spaniard Alonso only has to consistently take his blue Renault to second place to seal his crown.

”I suppose we will never know,” Frenchman Todt told reporters after the race.

He continued: ”It is easy to say that is the reason, but I think we lost simply because there was a team that was better than us.

”We have to admit that we were not quite competitive enough, even if I thought that we would have a chance.”

Todt had to confess that, with 74 out of a possible 80 points so far this season, Alonso’s run for Renault has been impressive.

Speaking about the championship, he added: ”That makes it so difficult for the others.”gmmf1 dailyf1news.com

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