Title loss for Alonso ‘impossible’ – Lauda

Sat, 17 June 2006, 02:48

Even with more than half the season still to run, Fernando Alonso will struggle to lose the 2006 world championship.

That’s the claim of former triple world champion Niki Lauda, who told an Austrian magazine that the 23-point gap is near impossible for Alonso’s chasers, led by Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher, to bridge.

”Renault are light years ahead, even more than in 2005,” 57-year-old Lauda told ‘Kicker’.

He estimated the per-lap advantage of Alonso’s ‘R26’ racer at ‘five or six tenths’ which he said is an unattainable target for rivals.

Lauda, who once led the defunct Jaguar team, explained: ”The competition needs to make a giant step forward — a full second (per lap) or more.

”That is completely impossible.”
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