Todt admits finding F1 commissioner ‘difficult’

Tue, 16 March 2010, 06:01

Mar.16 (GMM) Jean Todt says he is no closer to appointing a commissioner to represent him at every grand prix.

Before he was elected as the FIA’s new president, the Frenchman said a separate commissioner for all the governing body’s series would be named.

In his election agenda revealed last August, the former Ferrari boss said the commissioner would be “responsible for the day to day management and governance” of the series.

But Todt, 64, attended the 2010 season opener in Bahrain and said it has been “difficult” to find the right person for the job.

He suggested the fact the FIA cannot pay its commissioners very much is part of the problem.

“I am always very ambitious about the profile of the people working with me, and it is not very easy to find the right profile considering that the FIA has limited facilities, limited budgets.

“We need to find somebody who is willing to give his time, with his capacity, almost free of charge,” Todt told reporters.

“I prefer to wait a few months and have the profile I want to find rather than rush to fill the position.”

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