Todt ‘edgy’ over Renault progress

Fri, 6 October 2006, 09:05

Renault has responded to the recent suggestion by Jean Todt that Giancarlo Fisichella’s driving at Shanghai amounted to illegal blocking.

Roman Fisichella was observed alongside teammate Fernando Alonso at the end of the straight in China last Sunday, moving Todt to note that it prevented Michael Schumacher from passing them.

”I think Ferrari are getting edgy,” technical chief at Renault, Pat Symonds, said at Suzuka.

He added: ”Some of their recent comments have suggested that our performance is getting to them.”

Alonso, however, also referred to Todt’s comments at Suzuka, but he reckoned the Shanghai incident added fuel to his argument that Renault and Fisichella are impeding his quest for the ’06 title.

”Fisichella tried to overtake me,” the Spaniard protested to reporters on Thursday, ”so there was not any team play — even the opposite.”


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