Todt rules out McLaren spy settlement

Mon, 10 September 2007, 01:30

Monza was the scene of much wheeling and dealing on Sunday, according to speculation.

With the espionage saga scaling new heights of intrigue and seriousness, leading figures including Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore could be seen scurrying in and out of motor homes while the drivers limbered up to contest the Italian grand prix.

Ahead of the World Motor Sport Council meeting on Thursday, it is rumoured that an out-of-court deal between McLaren and Ferrari might be on the table.

While the investigation is strictly between Ron Dennis’ team and the FIA, Ferrari is the aggrieved party and intends to contribute its own evidence.

But Jean Todt said on Sunday: “It has nothing to do with an agreement between Ferrari and McLaren. It is a case which is going to be taken in front of the World Council.”

In the Spanish newspaper Marca, meanwhile, it is reported that negotiations also took place at Monza between Dennis and Renault’s boss, Briatore.

Renault has reportedly been backing Ferrari’s campaign for a sanction against McLaren, but Marca claims that Dennis is in possession of knowledge that could “cause the immediate exclusion from the championship of the French team”.

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