Todt tells Kimi to get drunk ‘discretely’

Tue, 12 December 2006, 03:21

Jean Todt says he is not overly concerned that new acquisition Kimi Raikkonen, to replace Michael Schumacher from 2007, is fond of an alcoholic beverage or two.

Ferrari’s CEO and temporary team principal, however, suggested to the 27-year-old Finn that his tolerance could run dry if Kimi continues to be a drunken regular on the tabloid front pages.

“If from time to time he wants to have some drinks with his friends,” Todt, 60, told the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, “We will ask him kindly to do so with discretion.”

Generally, Todt is excited by Raikkonen’s arrival at the Prancing Horse, and he denied that Schumacher’s withdrawal means that the term “dream team” should no longer be used.

Referring to Raikkonen, he insisted: “The boy has talent, he deals with defeat with dignity and does not go around talking too much or complaining.”


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