Todt to stay at Ferrari in 2007

Wed, 26 July 2006, 07:25

Jean Todt has accepted a lucrative offer to remain in charge of the Ferrari team beyond 2006.

It was revealed this month that the one-year proposal, courtesy of president Luca di Montezemolo and reportedly too good to refuse, would almost certainly also indicate that Michael Schumacher was likely to stick around.

A source in the Italian press said Montezemolo met with reporters at Maranello this week and confided to some of them that 60-year-old Todt ‘will be with us’ in 2007.

He was also quoted as enthusing to sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport: ”Since Imola, we have made more progress than any other team.

”If we had not had the problems at Malaysia and Australia, we would be leading the world title.”

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