Todt to tell teams of local GP nation ‘protocols’

Tue, 30 March 2010, 04:31

Mar.30 (GMM) FIA president Jean Todt will respond to the lingering saga following incidents involving Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber during the 2010 Australian GP event.

Lewis Hamilton was charged by local Victorian police for doing a burnout on his way out of the Albert Park circuit late on Friday, prompting Mark Webber to slam the “nanny state” that now exists in Australia.

Following high-level meetings in Australia on Tuesday, race promoter Ron Walker said Todt will respond by informing teams about the “protocol” of all the host nations they visit.

“The protocol will be about a list of what can be done in this country and the rules and regulations for the (other) places they visit,” he said.

“I actually don’t think he (Hamilton) knew he was breaking any laws or would have any problems doing wheel spin-outs.

“They are going to Malaysia this week … he would probably get a big round of applause there,” added Walker.

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