Toro Rosso lose time with gearbox problem

Tue, 14 February 2006, 09:14

In the hard world of Formula One, there’s not much room for love and affection and on this St. Valentine’s Day, the only sign of romance was the wheels of the cars kissing the kerbs as they sped around the Sakhir circuit.

Liuzzi was in the cockpit today, although he was able to take an early bath as a gearbox problem meant the RB1 was forced to miss just the final 90 minutes of the session.

“Nevertheless, it was a reasonable day with signs of performance gain and general progress,” reckoned Chief Engineer, Laurent Mekies. “As expected, the track was much cleaner than yesterday which allowed us to be more precise in our set-up work. Also, track temperatures were much higher today which made for a more realistic simulation of what we can expect for the race here in three weeks time, which is particularly relevant as far as the tyres are concerned.”

Tomorrow, Switzerland’s Neel Jani, the team’s 2006 “Friday only” driver, will have his first run in RB1.

Press release
Squadra Toro Rosso

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