Toyota to end shame as F1 host – newspaper

Fri, 29 February 2008, 01:56

Toyota will work hard to restore its honour later this year after the shambles of the inaugural Japanese grand prix at Fuji.

The circuit, which is nearly 100 per cent owned by the Japanese car manufacturer and F1 competitor, recently announced that it would better organise the race this October after traffic problems and substandard facilities cast a pall over the 2007 event.

The Japan Times newspaper this week headlined an article with the claim that Toyota’s “reputation as F1 host (is) on the line”.

The newspaper said Toyota had “wiped out” in the organisation of the 2007 race, and is now “under the gun to prove it can run a major motor racing event”.

“We want to restore the public trust that was lost because of last year’s event and make this year’s event successful at any cost,” Fuji Speedway vice president Yukio Takase confirmed.

Toyota has already added eight more senior officials to its Fuji Speedway subsidiary ahead of the event this year, the newspaper reported.

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