Trulli denies Sepang exhaustion

Fri, 4 April 2008, 05:20

Jarno Trulli on Thursday denied that he was on the verge of exhaustion after finishing fourth in the recent Malaysian grand prix.

The Toyota driver is believed to have stayed in the cockpit of his car long after driving it into the Sepang circuit’s parc ferme, after successfully fending off Lewis Hamilton’s late-race advances.

Trulli, 33, admits he was hot and tired in Malaysia but insists it was nothing out of the ordinary following a hard race.

“It was hot for everyone,” he said, explaining that he often needs to take his time to recover.

“I took it easy because I know the way I am. When I have to get out (the car) I just have to take a little bit more time compared to the others because, physically, my body reacts in a different way.

“We have made some studies during the years and I just have to take it easy. I didn’t have to get on the podium, so I took my time,” Trulli said.

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