Trulli not to blame for Kubica crash – FIA

Tue, 12 June 2007, 06:11

Jarno Trulli was not to blame for Robert Kubica’s horror crash during the Canadian grand prix.

That is the insistence of FIA race director Charlie Whiting, who said the governing body studied data and video footage of the moments preceding Kubica’s contact with the Toyota of Trulli and a 230kph impact into the concrete barriers before turn 10.

“Trulli did not leave much room, but enough,” Auto Motor und Sport quoted Whiting as saying.

“It was not his fault at all.”

Trulli, who visited 22-year-old Kubica in hospital on Sunday evening, told the Montreal stewards after the race that he felt Kubica’s BMW hit him from behind, while not deviating from his normal line.

BMW-Sauber, too, confirmed that mechanical failure had not led to the incident.

Kubica’s crash has, meanwhile, led to calls for improved safety at the Canadian GP venue.

BMW’s team founder Peter Sauber told the Swiss newspaper Blick that it was “strange” that a stretch of concrete wall in the direct line of the flat-out kink before turn ten was not protected.

“The cars are more and more strong, the crash tests are harder and harder to pass — and then some circuits lag behind with safety like this,” Sauber charged.

“Walls like those, in such exposed areas, must be lined with tyres. If it had been already, Robert’s initial impact would have been far less violent.”

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