Tung ‘still in talks’ about F1 test ride

Fri, 9 February 2007, 12:22

Ho-Pin Tung is still in talks with teams about becoming a formula one test driver.

That is the claim of the Dutch-born Chinese racer’s manager, Bert Winkler. He told the magazine Formule 1 RaceReport that he is also negotiating with potential sponsors, but stopped short of dropping any names.

Tung, the 24-year-old reigning German F3 champion who presently drives in the A1GP series, had negotiated with Spyker about a test job this year but presumably did not find the necessary backing.

“We also didn’t want Ho-Pin to become a fifth wheel,” Winkler insisted, referring to Spyker’s already top-heavy test lineup featuring some four drivers.

Tung tested for Williams in 2003.


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