‘Tuttosport’ slam Schu

Mon, 29 May 2006, 04:58

Even Italy’s usually loyal press got stuck into beloved Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher following his nightmarish Monaco event.

‘Tuttosport’ wrote: ”If he drives like that, he either needs psychological help or he should stop.”

Elsewhere in the Italian press on Monday, it is reported that Ferrari and its 37-year-old driver risk being hauled in front of the FIA’s ‘World Motor Sport Council’ if they continue to quarrel with the stewards’ qualifying ruling.

Jean Todt, in his post-race sitting with reporters, did not shy away from delivering his forthright opinion, but he also denied that the venom of criticism directed towards Schumacher will affect his decision about the future.

”Fortunately for us we do not have to consider that,” said the Maranello-based team’s chief.

”We know where we stand.”

Asked whether he regretted criticising the FIA-appointed stewards, however, he added: ”I only said that I do not share their opinion.

”I stand by every word.”gmmf1 dailyf1news.com

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