Tyres not to have a big effect?

Tue, 12 December 2006, 11:08

According to you, the DailyF1News audience, teams who are new to Bridgestone will not suffer all that much.

We asked how badly you think the teams who have been running on Michelin will be disadvantaged next season. Just over 41% of you believe they will feel the effect, but will catch up in less than four months. Less than 25% believed they wouldn’t be affected at all, while almost 20% said they would be behind all season, but only slightly.

Less than 15% thought it would have a severe effect on the previously Michelin-shod teams.

In our new poll we want to know how (if at all) Michael Schumacher’s retirement will influence your viewing of the sport. Former racer Hans-Joachim Stuck believes many will stop watching – especially in Germany. What about you? Get voting on our home page!


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