Unofficial ‘R27’ photos appear on internet

Sun, 14 January 2007, 04:22

Unofficial photos of Renault’s new ‘R27’ racer, taken during a shakedown run at Silverstone last week, have emerged on the internet.

In an interim dark blue and yellow livery, Nelson Piquet Jr steered the car on a wet track and was photographed – probably by a mechanic – as team members wearing grey were pushing the car to a team transporter behind the pit garages.

Temporary livery aside, the most obvious difference compared to the title-winning R26 is a lower nose, notably smaller sidepod air inlets and an innovative aerodynamic treatment for the attachment of the wing mirrors.

Also notably, the Renault trucks were painted orange, black and orange; a likely preview of the official ‘ING’ car livery that will be unveiled in Amsterdam on January 24.


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