USF1 should have used Toyota car for debut – Windsor

Tue, 17 August 2010, 08:01

Aug.17 (GMM) Peter Windsor has admitted USF1 should have considered racing Toyota’s 2010 package this season rather than close its doors.

A principal of the ill-fated American outfit, British journalist Windsor has resurfaced as a new writer for the online F1 magazine GP Week.

He was asked in an interview if he regretted not pursuing the Toyota option more seriously once the Charlotte-based team’s plans for its own chassis began to founder.

“Yes, it would have been better than doing nothing at all, in retrospect,” said the former Williams and Ferrari team manager.

“One of the problems was that it wasn’t just the chassis on offer; the Toyota engine deal was an integral part of the package,” explained Windsor. “And by that stage, of course, we were contracted to Cosworth.”

The USF1 debacle has been heavily criticised, particularly for damaging F1’s chances of prospering within the US, an important but difficult market for the sport to penetrate.

And Prodrive’s David Richards this week said all of F1’s struggling new teams have “prejudiced” other hopeful outfits’ efforts to enter the sport.

Windsor responded on his Twitter page: “David Richards harmed fund-raising prospects for F1 in general when he walked away from his franchise (in 2008) with hardly a word”.

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