Vatanen accuses Mosley of breaking law, defamation

Fri, 16 October 2009, 12:01

Oct.16 (GMM) The battle for control of F1’s governing body has continued to intensify, but Ari Vatanen insists he is not employing “dirty” tactics to defeat his rival Jean Todt.

Ahead of next Friday’s election, a French bailiff (huissier de justice) has delivered to the incumbent Max Mosley a letter penned by Vatanen, who is upset the FIA president is openly backing Todt’s campaign.

In the letter, revealed by the British newspaper Daily Telegraph, the Finn accuses Mosley of breaching French laws requiring the non-profit FIA to remain neutral during the processes of its democratic election.

“The breach of this principle of neutrality during election campaigns, when aimed at distorting the results of the election, is punishable by all of the French courts,” Vatanen wrote.

The 1981 world rally champion also accuses Mosley of defaming him in a controversial recent letter. “I reserve all right to take action on account of the act previously committed against me,” he added.

Prior to the latest revelations, Todt told the FIA’s voters that his opponent’s campaign had been characterised by its “false allegations” and “personal attacks”.

Ahead of the Brazilian grand prix in Sao Paulo, Vatanen dismissed the charges.

“Many people have contacted me and asked what it means when others are accusing my campaign to be dirty,” he said.

“My answer is very simple — if I speak about change, democracy and transparency, it seems to be wrong and it is taken as a personal insult against all the people who have been involved with the FIA before these elections.

“It can be seen as an old school election tactics, but is still amazing,” Vatanen added.

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