Verstappen better at dealing with ‘anger’

Tue, 10 December 2019, 07:35

Dec.10 (GMM) Max Verstappen says he was “more zen” throughout the 2019 season.

Although he was chided for some media comments this year, including accusing Ferrari of “cheating”, most agree that the Red Bull driver appeared to have matured this year.

“This year I was a lot calmer in front of the camera. More zen,” the Dutchman admitted to Ziggo Sport.

“Generally that works better. I never throw things anyway as my father has never allowed it, but sometimes you cannot help being angry,” Verstappen, 22, added.

“That’s just being human. But if I am angry, I have learned to wait before I go in front of the cameras.

“When I was very angry, sometimes I skipped the media altogether. That was a problem, but I don’t do that anymore,” he said.

That said, Verstappen thinks he is particularly good at handling the pressure of being one of the top drivers in Formula 1.

“I don’t necessarily experience that (pressure), no,” he said.

“Maybe that will come when we start the season with a good car. We know that we want to win as a team, but for now we are trying to get into that position. We got close to it at the end of the season,” Verstappen added.

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