Verstappen booing at British GP like ‘a Knighthood’ – Tost

Wed, 3 July 2024, 10:01

Jul.3 (GMM) Max Verstappen should not be afraid of a bit of extra ‘booing’ this weekend at Lando Norris’ home British GP at Silverstone.

Mere days ago, the pair – whose well-known friendship is now on the rocks – crashed whilst dicing for the lead in Austria, earning the Red Bull driver a furious rebuke from Norris and even a stewards’ penalty.

But Silverstone boss Stuart Pringle says Verstappen should not be worried about a bit of extra needle from Norris’ countrymen this weekend.

“I’m absolutely sure of that,” he told Sky. “Our fans are first and foremost fans of sport.”

Former Toro Rosso and Alpha Tauri boss Franz Tost, however, advises triple world champion Verstappen to actually wear some extra booing like a badge of honour.

“The English should boo Max,” he smiled to “That’s like a Knighthood.

“Michael Schumacher was always booed at Silverstone too,” the Austrian added. “Back then he dared to be faster than Damon Hill.”

Meanwhile, Pringle reports that closer races – and British drivers Norris and George Russell’s recent strong performances – have helped to pick up lagging ticket sales for the British GP this week.

To the Guardian newspaper, the Silverstone boss also addressed Lewis Hamilton’s suggestion that the fact the British GP is not yet a sell-out is because ticket prices are too high.

“We fully support Lewis’ comments,” said Pringle. “We have a greater number of our lowest price general admission tickets available this year compared to 2023.”

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