Vettel – still no plans to hire a manager

Wed, 10 March 2010, 10:01

Mar.10 (GMM) Even as a favourite for the 2010 world championship, Sebastian Vettel still has no plans to hire a manager.

As a boyish rookie with BMW and Toro Rosso a few years ago, the now 22-year-old German has always handled his own formula one career.

“People say ‘oh, you need a manager to get you into adverts or to make you more money’. But I’m fine,” the Red Bull driver told the Guardian newspaper.

“I want to make my own decisions,” he added.

Vettel admitted that contractual negotiations can be a peculiar experience, but is yet to encounter a situation that requires the assistance of a professional manager.

“Sometimes it’s funny because, in a negotiation, you can sit at a table with some very experienced people in their sixties. But you soon forget about your age and you do your best,” he said.

Asked if he has ever made any mistakes as a manager, Vettel added: “No, I don’t regret any step I’ve taken so far.

“The problem with formula one and football is that so much money is involved. Formula one is big business and, unfortunately, everyone is too caught up in his own interests and what ends up in his own pocket.

“For some people it is just business. And that’s a big problem. You can’t always say what you’d like to say. But the important thing for me is the racing — and to stay the same person I’ve always been,” he added.

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