Virgin confirms 2010 car fuel tank too small

Fri, 26 March 2010, 06:31

Mar.26 (GMM) Virgin has confirmed reports that the FIA has given the British team approval to fit a new fuel tank in the VR-01 car.

German reports late on Thursday said that, despite the homologation of F1 chassis this year, technical boss Nick Wirth made the application because the current tank will not carry enough fuel for the whole race distance.

Wirth did not admit that the current tank is definitely too small, but did say its size is “marginal”.

“We are pleased that the FIA has granted us this permission,” he said in Melbourne, adding that the revised car should be introduced in the early European season in May.

The substantial chassis modification, with the fuel tank size to increase by an expected 15-20 litres, will require it to pass new FIA crash tests.

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