Webber does not regret attacking ‘golden boy’

Thu, 11 October 2007, 11:42

Mark Webber says he was unfazed when the British press described him as a ‘whinger’ at the recent Chinese grand prix.

In a news conference in Shanghai, the Australian driver slammed Lewis Hamilton for having done a “shit job” behind the safety car at Fuji Speedway a few days earlier.

Webber, who drives for Red Bull, said the British championship leader’s erratic driving had contributed to Sebastian Vettel smashing him out of contention for the race win.

“I got pretty much slaughtered by the British gutter press about what I said,” the 31-year-old wrote this week in his column for Eurosport.

“I guess that’s what happens when you say something negative about the golden boy.”

Webber, though, said that despite the media attacks, including the description of him as “whinging Webber”, he will not be put off speaking his mind in the future.

“Cowboys don’t cry, I say, and I have some pretty thick skin,” he added.

“It’s old news now, and those newspapers are already wrapping chips, so what difference does it really make?”

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