Webber ‘excited’ about Red Bull progress

Thu, 12 April 2007, 03:59

Mark Webber has enthused about his tenth place finish for Red Bull in last Sunday’s Malaysian grand prix.

“I’m not excited about finishing tenth,” he insisted to the Australian press. “I’m excited about the potential we’re beginning to tap into and the direction we’re moving in.”

In Australia, 30-year-old Webber’s lapped Renault-powered RB3 powered to just thirteenth, but at Sepang Webber was the last car to finish on the lead lap, ahead of the two lapped Hondas.

Moreover, unlike his veteran teammate David Coulthard, Webber qualified for the coveted ‘top ten shootout’ at both events.

He said: “To get a car home on the lead lap is so much further ahead than where we were two months ago — we must continue this progression.”

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