Webber has doubts

Sat, 19 November 2005, 02:36

In the lead up to the start of next years V8 engine re-introduction in F1, Australian Mark Webber was back in his home land for the Launch of the 2006 Fosters Australian Grand Prix which has had to move from it’s traditional start of season date to 3rd race on the calendar (02 April) behind Bahrain (12 March) and Malaysia (19 March) to avoid a clash with the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in March.

Speaking of his 2006 chances, Mark was reserved when asked about his views of next years Cosworth powered FW28. Mark felt that the teams best chances where for early successes before the large engine manufactures poured their large financial resources into overtaking Cosworths possible advantage. But this he pointed out hinged on Williams solving their ongoing aerodynamic issues that have plagued the team since opening its new wind tunnel.

Williams are due to resume testing at Barcelona on the 29 November when the team will get their first chance to trial the new Cosworth V8 in an interim FW27, both Webber and new signing Nico Rosberg are expected to be present. Mark also took the opportunity while at home to try his hand at a bit of guest TV commentary of the Australian V8 Supercar Championship which next year sees ex-jaguar F1 tester James Courtney joining the championship for the top Ford team , ex- Williams F1 tester Max Wilson is also part of the championship along with ex-BAR kingpin Pro-Drives David Richards who runs the official factory Ford team.


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