Webber not ruling out Ferrari move

Sun, 26 May 2013, 09:35

May 26 (GMM) Mark Webber has ruled out continuing his F1 career with a “small team” — but he’s leaving the door open to Ferrari.

In the wake of the ‘Multi-21’ team orders saga, in which his relationship with Sebastian Vettel hit an all-time low, the 36-year-old Australian was photographed out for dinner with his friend Fernando Alonso.

“Well, Fernando and I have often had dinner together since 2001, but Twitter wasn’t invented then,” Webber told the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“I’ve also posted pictures with Jenson and with others, but when it was Fernando, everyone said ‘Oh my god!’ That’s what the press does.”

But, with Red Bull not ruling out pairing Vettel with his friend Kimi Raikkonen next year, does Webber rule out joining his friend, Spaniard Alonso, at Ferrari in 2014?

“In F1 you can never say never,” Webber answered, “but right now my commitment to Red Bull is solid — we’ve been through some very good moments together.

“I’ve always said I would not go back to a small team,” he insisted.

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