Webber plays down hopes for Monaco repeat

Tue, 6 June 2006, 09:06

Although he did just that at Monaco a week ago, Mark Webber does not expect to keep the leaders on their toes in the upcoming British grand prix.

The Australian admitted that his Williams-Cosworth is not up to the same task on Silverstone’s long straights and sweeping bends.

”Based on our performance at Barcelona,” Webber said, ”we have a lot of improving to do.”

On the tight confines of Monte Carlo, 29-year-old Webber mostly kept up with Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen with his FW28.

But he acknowledged: ”Unfortunately, our Monaco pace will have no relevance whatsoever at Silverstone.”

Perhaps as a reflection of the Grove based squad’s low hopes for Britain, Webber and teammate Nico Rosberg will race their Monaco-spec engines around Silverstone despite a FIA rule allowing them to fit new V8s without penalty.

”Given the reduced mileage and low duty cycle at Monaco, these are strong second event engines,” Cosworth’s Simon Corbyn explained.

He added that some external parts, damaged in the two exhaust failures, were replaced.
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