Webber ‘praying’ for Red Bull boost

Fri, 3 November 2006, 08:57

Mark Webber thinks Williams can look forward to a better season in 2007.

“They’ll have to be a lot better,” the Australian driver, 30, said on Friday, “because it just couldn’t be any worse than this year.”

So bad was Williams’ pace and reliability this season that the highly rated racer is switching to Red Bull, following a mere two year tenure with the Oxfordshire based squad.

Webber finished equal fourteenth in the 2006 drivers’ standings, while Sir Frank Williams’ team plunged to eighth on the teams’ charts.

He admits to finding it difficult to motivate himself near the end of 2006.

“It’s never ever happened in my career before,” the Age newspaper quoted Webber as saying, “but you felt there was not a great deal you could do to make a difference and that was hard.”

Having inopportunely opted against joining Renault for the 2005 season, Webber hopes that the Red Bull switch can bolster his form.

He asked rhetorically: “Is (the team) world-beating? Over time, it could be but I’m absolutely praying that they’re going to be one of the finds of next year.”


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