Webber stays mum after Schu face-to-face

Sat, 10 June 2006, 11:32

Mark Webber has confirmed reports that he met personally with Michael Schumacher at Silverstone to discuss the infamous ‘Rascasse’ saga.

With their words already exchanged, Williams’ Australian driver then did not even attend the highly anticipated ‘GPDA’ meeting on Friday afternoon.

”I said my piece to him,” 29-year-old Webber, who once idolised the German former champion, told his column for the Daily Telegraph in Britain.

He added: ”I prefer to keep the words to myself. Suffice to say I’m happy with what was said.”

Earlier, in the Sydney Morning Herald publication, Webber owned up to having lost ‘a huge amount of respect’ for Schumacher after the Ferrari driver blatantly parked his car to block rival racers in the dying moments of Monaco qualifying.

”I had huge respect for him,” he continued, ”(but) whatever he was doing, it was an insult to the rest of us.”
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