Webber stays mum over Toyota link

Fri, 9 June 2006, 12:29

Mark Webber has refused to confirm solid speculation that he is likely to be Toyota powered in 2007.

Although Williams have yet to take up an ‘option’ on the Australian driver for next year, Webber did not flatly deny that the Grove based team, currently working with Cosworth, is heading for a change of engine supplier.

”There’s loads of speculation,” said the 29-year-old at Silverstone, ”but as usual … until it’s all done, you never know.”

Webber reinforced the point, however, that undoubted talks between his employer and Toyota do not indicate that Williams is unhappy with Cosworth.

He said: ”The pace of the engine has been absolutely phenomenal for us, so if we do change, there’s a big pair of shoes to fill.”

Mark also suggested that he was not really on the hunt for an alternate team, despite reacting angrily to his failure to finish the recent grand prix at Monaco.

”You always think it’s greener somewhere else,” he said, ”so of course I have to weigh it up.

”But there’s a lot of potential for us to come out of this rough storm.”
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