Webber wants safer Monza track

Tue, 5 September 2006, 10:59

Mark Webber has voiced concern over the questionable safety of formula one’s fastest circuit, Monza.

The historic venue is set to host the Italian grand prix this weekend, but Williams’ Webber expressed doubt that it is properly equipped to handle the highest speeds of the year.

”Monza isn’t the safest circuit in the world,” the Australian said on Monday, even though the change in 2006 from V10 to V8 power has reduced top speeds to around 335kph.

Webber insisted: ”We need to work with the organisers to find some way to make Monza a little bit safer.”

It is understood that drivers are most concerned about the second chicane, where a few years ago a track marshal died after a crash.

Participants at the Monza test last week also mentioned the partial resurfacing of the track, although some observed that it offers increased grip, as well as changes to the kerbs at a ‘Lesmo’ bend.

Championship leader Fernando Alonso also commented on Monza, where downforce levels are the lowest of the season due to the need to produce in excess of 330kph.

He said: ”(At Monza) you don’t quite feel like you have everything under control.

”It’s not a nice feeling, but it’s what you need to be quick on the straights.”


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