Whitmarsh not commenting on Coca-Cola reports

Thu, 19 July 2012, 08:35

Jul.19 (GMM) Martin Whitmarsh fired a blank on Wednesday when asked about rumours Coca-Cola could replace McLaren’s title sponsor Vodafone.

With Vodafone reportedly reviewing its sponsorship of the famous British team, media sources have said the iconic drinks brand Coke is looking into entering the sport.

McLaren principal Whitmarsh was asked about the Vodafone and Coca-Cola speculation during a media teleconference on Wednesday.

“As you can imagine we don’t talk about commercial discussions,” he said.

“We have enjoyed a good and very successful partnership with Vodafone. We will be with them for some time to come and we talk together about whether that would be lengthened beyond the existing length of the contract.

“There are also a whole range of other conversations with existing partners and new partners. But I’m sure you can imagine that we are quite unlikely to disclose those discussions,” added Whitmarsh.

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