Wife reassures Grosjean about reputation

Tue, 25 February 2020, 08:35

Feb.25 (GMM) Romain Grosjean says his wife tries to reassure him about his negative reputation in Formula 1.

The Haas driver says he is constantly being attacked on social media, having attracted an unshakeable reputation for mistakes and crashes.

“It’s much easier to criticise Romain Grosjean than Lewis Hamilton, who wins all the races,” he told France’s Auto Hebdo.

“In Formula 1, you’re a hero when everything works out for you, and you’re nothing if things are going wrong.”

Grosjean said Baku 2018 is a good example of when there was a real reason for his bizarre crash under the safety car, having accidentally pushed a button on the steering wheel.

“In future I’ll probably just say ‘It was my mistake. Thanks, bye’,” Grosjean said.

“Then it will be boring and journalists will have nothing to discuss.

“My wife Marion understands this all perfectly. She tells me ‘At least you will leave a mark on Formula 1. No one will say that you did nothing’.

“My father often sees what they write on social media and it hurts him a little. But I have started 164 races in Formula 1 and been here for ten years,” Grosjean said.

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