Williams leaves Webber ’embarrassed’

Fri, 14 July 2006, 12:57

Mark Webber says he is ’embarrassed’ by Williams’ form in 2006 and has urged the Grove based squad to make changes.

”I’m not talking about sacking people,” said the Australian driver, ”but we have to ask why things aren’t working. We need to try something different, move people around.”

Webber’s public frustration could be timely for the 29-year-old; he is being linked with a move to the Renault team for 2007 but Sir Frank Williams wields the real power in the form of an expiring contract ‘option’.

Mark told the ‘Telegraph’: ”Everybody in this team is disappointed and embarrassed by the way things have gone. Others have obviously made better decisions. Change is needed.”

He appeared to admit a conflict in loyalty to his current team, and the desire to achieve more.

”It’s hard for me because careers are short,” Webber explained.

”None of us is in this game forever. I told the team what I needed to do this year and I think I’ve delivered.”
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