Williams not ‘B’ team – Toyota

Fri, 22 December 2006, 11:50

Toyota’s John Howett says Williams has not become a ‘B’ team for the Japanese carmaker in F1.

While the squads will develop “synergies” through their engine supply collaboration in 2007 and beyond, the Toyota president insisted that Frank Williams is to retain his trademark independence.

“Where we can find positive synergy for both teams to improve performance, fine, but still we are competitors,” Howett told f1grandprix.it.

The advent of ‘B’ teams – for example Honda and Super Aguri or Red Bull and Toro Rosso – has led to a situation where F1 squads are aligned also on matters such as politics.

But Howett says Grove based Williams wants to keep its “unique position” in the paddock despite enjoying a works-style partner.

“We respect (that desire), and we are working hard to find a lot of synergies which are really non-compete items,” he added.


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