Williams says Villeneuve comments ‘irritating’

Sat, 25 May 2019, 10:35

May 25 (GMM) Claire Williams has admitted comments made recently by the team’s last world champion Jacques Villeneuve were “irritating”.

Under her leadership, the once-great British team is having a season even more woeful than in 2018.

And things are even worse in Monaco.

“Monaco emphasises the weaknesses of our car,” Robert Kubica said. “Here, everything is even worse.”

Recently, Villeneuve said one of Williams’ problems is leadership, with 77-year-old founder Sir Frank Williams no longer travelling with the race team.

“The team is dead, there is no management,” Villeneuve said. “There was the chance to make a good choice, and they chose Claire instead of (brother) Jonathan.

“It was a big mistake.”

Claire Williams was asked about Villeneuve’s comments by The Telegraph newspaper.

“What I find distinctly irritating is people criticising when they don’t know the full story. I’m a very honest person,” she said.

“If someone feels that strongly about the situation, then talk to me about it.”

What Williams does admit, however, is that she has questioned her suitability for the top job.

“If your business wasn’t performing well, you would be incredibly arrogant not to be introspective,” said Williams.

“I have those internal conversations, but I don’t believe my ability to take this team forward is done. I can drive us out of this.

“If ever I felt my contribution was harmful, then I wouldn’t stay on in the job.”

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