Williams to solve tyre problem

Fri, 21 July 2006, 02:08

Williams’ problem with overheating Bridgestone tyres at Magny Cours has been isolated to an ‘error’ with the car’s setup.

Both Mark Webber and teammate Nico Rosberg were affected – also in terms of outright performance – last weekend, and the Japanese tyre supplier said it would ‘work closely’ with the Grove-based team to get to the bottom of the inside shoulder problem.

But rookie Rosberg, 21, has now revealed that the glitch was a ‘slight error with our setup’.

”The combination of the heat, the circuit lay out and specific corner cambers meant that the tyres overheated a little bit and went over their grip limit,” he told his column for ‘Castrol’.

Rosberg said the problem would be solved ‘very easily’ this week at Jerez.

He added: ”That aside, I think the performance last weekend showed that we’ve turned the corner and are improving again.”
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