Wurz hits back at Lauda criticism

Tue, 29 May 2007, 12:44

Alex Wurz in Monaco hit back at claims that a trouncing against Nico Rosberg in 2007 is threatening his race seat in formula one.

The Austrian veteran and former long time test driver finished five places higher than young charger Rosberg on Sunday, who alongside Lewis Hamilton and Nick Heidfeld has been singled out as one of F1’s star performers this year.

Rosberg’s high profile led triple world champion Niki Lauda to recently observe that Wurz, 33, needed to “watch out” or risk again departing the grid, as he did after a disappointing spell at Benetton in 2000.

Wurz in Monaco put two points on Williams’ scoreboard compared with Rosberg’s five so far, after he passed both Hondas in the pits and brought to a halt Kimi Raikkonen’s charge through the field.

Referring to Lauda’s criticism, Wurz generously told the news agency APA: “He is entitled to say that.

“I noticed, however, that he congratulated me (for the Monaco result).

“If you don’t have bad times, then you cannot dream about the good ones.”

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