Xansa drives enhanced performance for the Renault F1 Team

Thu, 13 October 2005, 02:00

Leading-edge technology will help maintain championship winner’s competitive advantage

The Renault F1 Team is delighted to announce that Xansa will become the team’s Official Supplier of Software Development and Consulting. Growing from a successful project collaboration during the team’s championship winning 2005 season, this multi-year agreement will harness Xansa’s leading edge technology to deliver enhanced off-car data analysis systems, ultimately leading to improved on-track performance.

Formula 1 cars process huge amounts of critical data, with on-board systems capable of operating at rates of up to 2000 MIPS (million instructions per second) and Xansa will help the Renault F1 Team to improve its performance through the capture and use of such data. Xansa’s expertise in designing bespoke software systems, coupled with its extensive development capability in India, will expedite the team’s capacity to manage, analyse and act upon this data accurately. The partnership will enable the creation of more intelligent interfaces between critical off-car systems, and increased automation of data analysis; this enhanced data analysis capacity will allow the team to operate with greater agility and accuracy in its track-side operations.

“In order to obtain maximum performance on the track, it is important that we possess the off-track tools we need to quickly interpret the data collected from the cars, and act upon it,” said Renault F1 Team Technical Director Bob Bell. “We are delighted to be entering into a relationship with Xansa which will offer us fantastic creative freedom in how we design data analysis applications, and the ability to do so quickly through Xansa’s in-house software expertise.

“Our championship win with Fernando Alonso in 2005 is only a starting point for the team, and we fully intend to continue pushing in every area to maintain our competitive advantage. Xansa is a leader in its market too, and we know that the desire to be the best, and the constant drive to improve performance, is a culture shared by both companies.”

Alistair Cox, Chief Executive, Xansa said: “It is our job in Xansa to help our partners be the best at whatever they do. It is very exciting and appropriate therefore to be working with the new World Champion in Formula 1. I am delighted that we have now extended our relationship and are able to use our systems and expertise to help the Renault F1 Team to enhance their on-track operations and keep Renault at the pinnacle of Formula 1.”

Press release
Renault F1 Team

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