Yeongam very wet hours before Korean GP

Sun, 24 October 2010, 04:31

Oct.24 (GMM) Four hours before the inaugural Korean grand prix, the brand new Yeongam venue is awash with rain.

It started raining just before 10pm on Saturday night, and was heavy at times throughout the night and did not completely stop at any point.

Some forecasts had predicted the weather would ease on Sunday morning, but at 11am the precipitation is still light and the skies still completely grey.

The sheer amount of water that has fallen on the new track surface will ensure that the rubber laid by the F1 cars on Friday and Saturday has now been washed off.

And the ‘weeping’ of asphalt oils from beneath the newly-laid top layer, mixed with the rain that is still falling at Yeongam, will ensure a very slippery surface for the race at 3pm.

Expert forecasts at the circuit think the rain could stop completely and sunshine emerge at about midday, which would mean a damp surface for the race start is still a possibility.

“I hope it stays wet and slippery!” enthused Lotus driver Heikki Kovalainen.

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