Zanardi thinks Vettel’s title charge over

Tue, 18 September 2018, 10:35

Sep.18 (GMM) Alex Zanardi has joined the Italian media in declaring Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari’s 2018 championship hopes essentially over.

The former F1 and Indycar driver said that despite the Maranello team having the best car, “everything changed” for Ferrari and Vettel in Singapore.

“It was only one race, but it reflected the state of affairs of this season,” Zanardi told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“After Monza everyone had the impression that a victory would put things right again. But Lewis (Hamilton) drove everyone into the ground with a perfect, almost poetic performance.

“You could see on Seb’s face that the balance of power has changed,” he added.

“In pure mathematics, Ferrari can keep believing. But more realistically is that Hamilton is the one who is dominating,” said Zanardi.

The Italian press agrees with Zanardi, with La Repubblica saying Singapore was “the end of the championship” for Ferrari.

“Goodbye to the Vettel title,” La Gazzetta dello Sport added.

“It’s similar to last year, except even more sad now because Ferrari has had the best car. But not the best driver,” correspondent Umberto Zapelloni said.

And the editorial in Corriere della Sera read: “Hamilton radiates a calm while Vettel sinks into the most destructive parts of himself.”

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