2019 tyres ‘impossible to understand’ – Magnussen

Wed, 3 July 2019, 09:35

Jul.3 (GMM) Kevin Magnussen has slammed the “super uninspiring” situation with F1’s Pirelli tyres in 2019.

In Austria, a push by some of the ten teams to axe the difficult-to-understand tyres and replace them with the ones supplied by Pirelli last year was voted down 5-5.

Haas has been among the most affected teams. In Austria, Magnussen qualified an impressive fifth, but slipped down the field to almost finish dead last.

When asked how he explains that to his fans, family and friends, Magnussen told Ekstra Bladet newspaper: “I say that I can’t explain it It’s too complex.

“Even we don’t understand it. Impossible to understand,” he said.

But when pushed for a technical explanation, Magnussen was asked about a conversation he had with his engineer over the radio in which they discussed tyre temperature.

“Yeah but which temperature are you talking about? The brakes, the rim, the surface, the carcass, the asphalt? You can’t just say ‘tyre temperature’.

“It’s measured on the inside, halfway to the middle, the middle, halfway to the outside, the outside. And then there’s the tread, the camber. That’s why it’s so boring to talk about.

“Super uninteresting,” Magnussen insisted.

“If I owned Formula 1, I would ensure that the tyres were not something we were talking about. They would just work and we could talk about something interesting.

“It’s super uninspiring.”

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