Agag tips top F1 teams to race in Formula E

Fri, 12 July 2013, 07:35

Jul.12 (GMM) Alejandro Agag, the organiser of the new electric open-wheel series, thinks top F1 teams like Ferrari and Red Bull will eventually fight for the Formula E title.

And the Austrian news agency APA said “there are already talks” between Agag and McLaren.

“I’m sure teams like Ferrari and Red Bull will be in Formula E one day,” Agag told the German newspaper Die Welt.

It is already known that Williams is supplying the series’ lithium batteries, McLaren is developing the electric motors and transmission, former F1 supplier Michelin the tyres, and GP2 partner Dallara the chassis.

And Agag said former F1 and GP2 drivers will be at the wheel, although “I can’t say any names yet”.

He insisted, however, that the plan is not to replace formula one.

“I’m a big formula one fan,” said Agag, “so I hope it never disappears.

“Eventually, we would like to be as big as F1, but our focus is different.”

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