Audi, again, rule out F1 switch

Tue, 22 August 2006, 12:58

German car brand Audi has once again denied perpetual speculation that it, or parent group Volkswagen, could one day soon enter formula one.

The latest whisper in F1 circles was that the pair was considering buying struggling independent engine supplier Cosworth as an attractive route into the sport, but Audi Sport boss Dr Wolfgang Ullrich said the marque is still not interested in F1.

”It is not a topic for us,” he was quoted as saying by the ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ newspaper.

Audi, with successful programmes in Le Mans and DTM, is the highest profile car maker involved in the upper echelons of world motor sport but not formula one.

But Ullrich said the lower racing categories are better for Audi in terms of ‘technology transfer’ to its road cars.

Even the cost-cutting rule changes and impending engine ‘freeze’ is of no interest to Audi, with Ullrich insisting: ”An engine with 18,000 or 20,000 rpm is too far away from what you need in real life.”

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