Bernie gives hope to Valencia’s GP bid

Fri, 19 January 2007, 02:38

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has given a boost to Valencia’s hopes of staging a formula one street race in the eastern coast city.

Speculation this week suggested that the 76-year-old’s visit to Valencia for the spectacular McLaren launch, where 200,000 locals turned out to watch the team’s racers in action on a street circuit, was a sign that Ecclestone is serious about granting Spain a second grand prix.

Some more good news from the McLaren event is that an audience of 4.4m watched the live ‘Tele 5’ broadcast on TV.

It is also suggested that parts of the temporary McLaren circuit matched a Valencia street layout devised by Hermann Tilke on a recent visit.

Ecclestone, who on the morning after the McLaren launch met with Valencia president Francisco Camps, told El Mundo Deportivo: “If we do something in Valencia, it will be on a street circuit.”

The Briton did not reveal the probability for a Valencia race, but admitted that “anything is possible”.


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