Bernie welcomes Swiss motor racing ban

Sun, 10 June 2007, 01:31

Bernie Ecclestone has increased speculation about Switzerland’s possible return to the formula one calendar.

The political wheels are already in motion for the scrapping of a more than fifty-year ban on motor racing in the country, and F1’s supremo suggested that he would not be averse to considering any proposal from potential Swiss grand prix promoters.

76-year-old Ecclestone called the lifting of the ban a “good decision” in an interview with the Sonntagszeitung newspaper.

He said: “I am pleased about it — we would be very happy to have a formula one race in Switzerland.”

Bernie urged Swiss motor racing authorities to make plans for a circuit because “we would definitely come to Switzerland”.

Swiss politician Ulrich Giezendanner, who championed the lifting of the racing ban, reacted with surprise to Ecclestone’s enthusiasm, but cautioned that the F1 boss may simply have been placating a member of the Swiss press.

“I did not expect that,” he said, “but of course I am very pleased about these sorts of statements.”

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