Briatore accuses FIA of tinkering with title

Sat, 5 August 2006, 11:42

Flavio Briatore has lashed out at F1’s governing body for trying to manipulate the title fight.

As the ‘damper saga’ grinds on in Hungary, the Renault boss pointed an angry finger at the FIA and questioned the federation’s motives for deeming the technology illegal nearly a full year after it first debuted in F1.

”The FIA is playing against us,” Briatore is quoted as saying in La Gazzetta dello Sport. ”It is absurd that the rules are changed like this half-way through the season.”

Renault, whose championship lead to Ferrari and Michael Schumacher suffered a mighty blow at Hockenheim one week ago, is again racing without the innovation this weekend.

Briatore continued: ”The FIA should only be an arbitrator, instead they try to distort the world championship.”

He also adds more fuel to the conspiracy theorists’ fire by reminding the world of ‘pressure’ that could have been placed on the FIA by a certain rival team.

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