Briatore, Schu, ready to reveal all

Mon, 4 September 2006, 05:22

Within the next seven days, Renault team principal Flavio Briatore will finally clarify his future.

Conflicting reports have been recently circulating about the 57-year-old Italian’s intentions for 2007 and beyond, but La Gazzetta dello Sport now insists that a definitive answer is just one week away.

”For F1 you need to be incredibly motivated,” he is quoted as saying, ”and I am no different.”

Briatore, however, totally ruled out rumours that he is considering a switch to soccer.

”Briatore and football?” he rhetorically quizzed. ”Not likely!”

F1 fans and pundits, meanwhile, are now eagerly anticipating the chequered flag at Monza, when Michael Schumacher is due to reveal his own plans for 2007.

Briatore predicts ‘the pension’ for the Ferrari veteran, who in the mid-90s was guided by the flamboyant Italian to his first titles in a Benetton car.

”He is not the same as he was four or five seasons ago,” Flavio said, ”so for me it would be better if he stopped. That is what he will probably do at Monza.”

Briatore, however, doubts that Schumacher and Ferrari will terminate their relationship before the last race of the season, so he observed that it is going to be ‘hard’ for Renault and Fernando Alonso to win the world championship.

He continued: ”Schumacher did not used to make these errors, and after many years of F1 he knows that his new, young and terrifying rivals push hard, they are hungry and have nothing to lose.”


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